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Eleni and Philippos join the business

In 2022, the next generation of the family joined the business. Eleni and Philippos Tzannatos stepped up to take on new roles and responsibilities, and many new ideas and perspectives are sure to come to the forefront. With fresh eyes and new knowledge, these individuals are poised to lead the business into a new era of innovation and success.

The new skills and knowledge of the new generation together with the knowledge and wisdom of the older generation will create a dynamic and forward-thinking business culture. In particular, the next generation brings a keen interest in technology and social media to the table, essential for conducting business in today's marketplace. Their knowledge will help keep the family jewelry business at the forefront of the industry and thriving for many years to come.

Watches and Wonders Fair in Geneva

Tzannatos Jewellers recently attended the Watches and Wonders Fair in Geneva. A truly fantastic experience with 38 leading watch brands showcasing their new products to an audience of nearly 22,000 visitors, combined with a global digital reach of more than 300 million. We were excited to see the new Rolex and Tudor watches we will carry in our store soon and had the opportunity to learn more about the future of watch-making.

Watches and Wonder Geneva

In early April 2023, we visited Geneva for the Watches and Wonders Exhibition, showcasing some of the most innovative and cutting-edge timepieces from around the world. Incredible watches with intricate detail, unique dials, and high-end watchmaking designs that defied expectations. We chatted with experts and enthusiasts who all gathered to admire the phenomenal timepieces. And we were struck by how passionate and knowledgeable everyone was and the perspectives on what makes a great timepiece. Truly it was a celebration of the beauty of high-end horology.


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