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Dogale Safari Crocodile Collection

Dogale Safari Crocodile Collection

Dogale Safari Crocodile Collection


Italian made Dogale Safari Crocodile collection is hand painted decorated glass with silverplate are treated with an innovative varnish protecting from tarnishing. This unique collection are available with choice of exotic warm and bright colors such as orange, blue, coffee & earthy. Discover this latest collections with us here.


Item Notes: Tableware is handmade & painted glass with silverplate.
Material: Silverplate, Venetian craftsmanship glass & special varnish, anti tarnish.
Color:  Variety of colors
Dimension:  Variety
Care: No special cleaning required, just hand-wash or dry wipe. Not suitable for hot food.
Item in box: 1pcs of plate & Dogale warranty card packed in nice box, suitable to gift as well.  
Category: Dogale Safari Crocodile Collection.
Origin: Made in Italy.

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